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unzip 보안버그 수정
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문서번호 : 1056985200
업데이트 : 2003.07.01


Updated unzip packages resolving a vulnerability allowing arbitrary files
to be overwritten are now available.

The unzip utility is used for manipulating archives, which are multiple
files stored inside of a single file.

A vulnerabilitiy in unzip version 5.50 and earlier allows attackers to
overwrite arbitrary files during archive extraction by placing invalid
(non-printable) characters between two "." characters. These non-printable
characters are filtered, resulting in a ".." sequence. The Common
Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has assigned the name
CAN-2003-0282 to this issue.

This erratum includes a patch ensuring that non-printable characters do not
make it possible for a malicious .zip file to write to parent directories
unless the "-:" command line parameter is specified.

Users of unzip are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which are
not vulnerable to this issue.

update 패키지

  RPMS :

    . unzip-5.50-11,1.i686.rpm


    . unzip-5.50-11,1.src.rpm

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