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php 보안 업데이트

 : 2016.03.23
     : php-100:7.0.4-1.an3
     : AnNyung Packaging Team


    PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language.  PHP attempts to make it
    easy for developers to write dynamically generated web pages.  PHP
    also offers built-in database integration for several commercial
    and non-commercial database management systems, so writing a
    database-enabled web page with PHP is fairly simple.  The most
    common use of PHP coding is probably as a replacement for CGI
    scripts.  The mod_php module enables the Apache web server to
    understand and process the embedded PHP language in web pages.
    Building option:
    	--with no_goto : if don't add vm kind option with goto..


    - security issues
      . CVE-2016-3185 #71610 Soap: Type Confusion Vulnerability - SOAP / make_http_soap_request()
    - official 7.0.4 bug fixed
      . fixed bug #69953 CLI Server: Support MKCALENDAR request method
      . fixed bug #71624 Core: `php -R` (PHP_MODE_PROCESS_STDIN) is broken
      . fixed bug #71806 Core: php_strip_whitespace() fails on some numerical values
      . fixed bug #71767 Core: ReflectionMethod::getDocComment returns the wrong comment
      . fixed bug #71724 Core: yield from does not count EOLs
      . Fixed bug #71575 Core: ISO C does not allow extra ‘;’ outside of a function
      . fixed bug #71470 Core: Leaked 1 hashtable iterators
      . fixed bug #71535 Core: Integer overflow in zend_mm_alloc_heap()
      . fixed bug #71596 Core: Segmentation fault on ZTS with date function (setlocale)
      . fixed bug #71622 Core: Strings used in pass-as-reference cannot be used to invoke C::$callable()
      . fixed bug #71629 Core: Out-of-bounds access in php_url_decode in context php_stream_url_wrap_rfc2397
      . fixed bug #71695 Core: Global variables are reserved before execution
      . fixed bug #71729 Core: Possible crash in zend_bin_strtod, zend_oct_strtod, zend_hex_strtod
      . fixed bug #71756 Core: Call-by-reference widens scope to uninvolved functions when used in switch
      . fixed bug #71694 Curl: Support constant CURLM_ADDED_ALREADY
      . fixed bug #71635 Date: DatePeriod::getEndDate segfault
      . fixed bug #71536 libxml: Access Violation crashes php-cgi.exe
      . fixed bug #47803, #69526 ODBC: Executing prepared statements is succesfull only for the first two statements
      . fixed bug #71659 PCRE: segmentation fault in pcre running twig tests
      . fixed bug #71625 Phar: Crash in php7.dll with bad phar filename
      . fixed bug #71317 Phar: PharData fails to open specific file
      . fixed Bug #71683 Session: Null pointer dereference in zend_hash_str_find_bucket
      . fixed bug #71617 SPL: private properties lost when unserializing ArrayObject
      . fixed bug #71660 Standard: array_column behaves incorrectly after foreach by reference
    - official 7.0.5 bug fixed
      . fixed bug #71841 Core: EG(error_zval) is not handled well
      . fixed bug #71731 Core: Null coalescing operator and ArrayAccess
      . fixed bug #69659 Core: ArrayAccess, isset() and the offsetExists method
      . fixed bug #62059 Core: ArrayObject and isset are not friends
      . fixed bug #71871 Core: Interfaces allow final and abstract functions
      . fixed Bug #71859 Core: zend_objects_store_call_destructors operates on realloced memory, crashing
      . fixed bug #71750 Core: Multiple Heap Overflows in php_raw_url_encode/php_url_encode
      . fixed bug #71840 Standard: Unserialize accepts wrongly data
      . fixed bug #71837 Standard: Wrong arrays behaviour
      . fixed bug #71831 Curl: CURLOPT_NOPROXY applied as long instead of string
      . fixed bug #63171 ODBC: Script hangs after max_execution_time
      . fixed bug #71843 Opcache: null ptr deref ZEND_RETURN_SPEC_CONST_HANDLER
      . fixed bug #52098 PDO: Own PDOStatement implementation ignore __call()
      . fixed bug #71820 Postgres: pg_fetch_object binds parameters before call constructor
      . fixed bug #71838 SPL: Deserializing serialized SPLObjectStorage-Object can't access properties in PHP
      . fixed bug #52339 SPL: SPL autoloader breaks class_exists()
      . fixed bug #67582 SPL: Cloned SplObjectStorage with overwritten getHash fails offsetExists()
      . fixed bug #71735 SPL: Double-free in SplDoublyLinkedList::offsetSet

        . php-7.0.4-1.an3.src.rpm

        . php-7.0.4-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-cli-7.0.4-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-dba-7.0.4-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-dblib-7.0.4-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-devel-7.0.4-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-extension-7.0.4-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-fpm-7.0.4-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-odbc-7.0.4-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-pgsql-7.0.4-1.an3.x86_64.rpm


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