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php 버그 수정

 : 2017.01.20
     : php-100:7.0.15-1.an3
     : AnNyung Packaging Team


    PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language.  PHP attempts to make it
    easy for developers to write dynamically generated web pages.  PHP
    also offers built-in database integration for several commercial
    and non-commercial database management systems, so writing a
    database-enabled web page with PHP is fairly simple.  The most
    common use of PHP coding is probably as a replacement for CGI
    scripts.  The mod_php module enables the Apache web server to
    understand and process the embedded PHP language in web pages.
    Building option:
    	--with no_goto : if don't add vm kind option with goto..


    - official 7.0.15 bug fuxed
      . fixed #73916 Core: zend_print_flat_zval_r doesn't consider reference
      . fixed #67583 FPM: double fastcgi_end_request on max_children limit
      . fixed #69993 GMP: test for gmp.h needs to test machine includes
      . fixed #73956 Intl: Link use CC instead of CXX
      . fixed #73933 LDAP: error/segfault with ldap_mod_replace and opcache
      . fixed #73949 MySQLi: leak in mysqli_fetch_object
      . fixed #69899 Mysqlnd: segfault on close() after free_result() with mysqlnd
      . fixed #71219 posix: configure script incorrectly checks for ttyname_r
      . fixed #69582 Session: session not readable by root in CLI
      . fixed #73896 SPL: spl_autoload() crashes when calls magic _call()
      . fixed #69442 Standard: closing of fd incorrect when PTS enabled
      . fixed #47021 Standard: SoapClient stumbles over WSDL delivered with "Transfer-Encoding:

        . php-7.0.15-1.an3.src.rpm

        . php-7.0.15-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-cli-7.0.15-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-dba-7.0.15-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-dblib-7.0.15-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-devel-7.0.15-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-extension-7.0.15-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-fpm-7.0.15-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-odbc-7.0.15-1.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . php-pgsql-7.0.15-1.an3.x86_64.rpm


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