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procps-ng 업데이트

 : 2017.08.20
     : procps-ng-1:3.3.10-16.an3
     : AnNyung Packaging Team


    The procps package contains a set of system utilities that provide
    system information. Procps includes ps, free, skill, pkill, pgrep,
    snice, tload, top, uptime, vmstat, w, watch and pwdx. The ps command
    displays a snapshot of running processes. The top command provides
    a repetitive update of the statuses of running processes. The free
    command displays the amounts of free and used memory on your
    system. The skill command sends a terminate command (or another
    specified signal) to a specified set of processes. The snice
    command is used to change the scheduling priority of specified
    processes. The tload command prints a graph of the current system
    load average to a specified tty. The uptime command displays the
    current time, how long the system has been running, how many users
    are logged on, and system load averages for the past one, five,
    and fifteen minutes. The w command displays a list of the users
    who are currently logged on and what they are running. The watch
    program watches a running program. The vmstat command displays
    virtual memory statistics about processes, memory, paging, block
    I/O, traps, and CPU activity. The pwdx command reports the current
    working directory of a process or processes.


    - apply changes of CentOS 7.4
      . sysctl manpage: Added explanation of conf files precedence
      . top - real CPU statistics instead of since-boot are shown at start
      . sysctl.conf manpage: note about predefined values added
      . slabtop: incorrect computation of "used" value, use float to fix
      . pmap no longer shows each line twice with blank values on newer kernels
      . ps no longer removes 'do_' and 'sys_' from wchan data

        . procps-ng-3.3.10-16.an3.src.rpm

        . procps-ng-3.3.10-16.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . procps-ng-devel-3.3.10-16.an3.x86_64.rpm
        . procps-ng-i18n-3.3.10-16.an3.x86_64.rpm


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