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dhcp 업데이트
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문서번호 : 1178285863
업데이트 : 2007.05.04


3.0.1-59 update

- move to /var/lib/dhcp/
- NTP: fix bug 139715: merge in new ntp servers only rather than replace
- all the ntp configuration files; restart ntpd if configuration changed.
- fix bug 143704: dhclient -r does not work if lease held by
- dhclient run from ifup . dhclient will now look for the pid
- files created by ifup .
- fix bug 144417: much improved dhclient-script
- fix bug 145997: allow hex 32-bit integers in user specified options
- fix bug 147375: dhcpd heap corruption on 32-bit 'subnet' masks
- fix bug 147502: dhclient should honor GATEWAYDEV and GATEWAY settings            
- fix bug 146600: dhclient's timeout mode ping should use -I
- fix bug 146524: dhcpd.init should discard dhcpd's initial output message
- fix bug 147739: dhcpd.init configtest should honor -cf in DHCPDARGS
- fix bug 147926: dhclient-script should do restorecon for modified conf files
- optimize execshield protection
- make dhclient-script TIMEOUT mode do exactly the same configuration
- as BOUND / RENEW / REBIND / REBOOT if router ping succeeds
- compile with gcc32, link with gcc(3.4.3) to overcome gcc(3.4.3)'s
- compilation bug (gcc bug 144358) and gcc32's lack of production of a
- .note.GNU-stack section on ia64 and ppc64 which causes the execshield
- rpmdiff tests to fail. Ugh!
- Still trying to get past broken execshield tests. 
- Now added "BROKEN_GCC" switch to dhcpd.h to make binding_state_t
- lease members into uint8_t's to overcome gcc bug 144358 so that
- gcc-3.4.3 can be used. Added '-Wl,-z,noexecstack' option to all
- executable link options.
- 'Wl,-z,relro' is now OK with elflint - adding back in.
- fix verification of config file with -cf in DHCPDARGS.
- fix bug 143640: allow only one dhclient to configure an interface
- fix bug 162080 + 159929: prevent dhclient flooding network on repeated DHCPDECLINE
- stop dhclient's 1-5 second wait before starting if only one interface being configured
- fix bug 149780: require DHCLIENT_USE_GATEWAY setting for dhclient-script
  to honor GATEWAY setting
- remove emission of ISC blurb on dhclient error exit in -q mode
- dhclient-script fixes:
    o remove 1 second sleep on PREINIT
    o further replacement of /sbin/route by /sbin/ip
    o fix determination of runlevel in init state 1
    o add class A,B,C static route support
    o add ARPCHECK support
- fix bug 160655 / upstream bug 15293: apply upstream patch to fix trailing null options
- fix bug 167028 : apply IBM unicast BOOTP patch (from
- fix bug 173324 : omapi memory leak 
- dhclient-script fixes: e.g. bug 173619
- fix bug 176270: allow routers with an octet of 255 in their IP address
- fix bug 177845: allow default router to be same as ip-address
- fix bug 176615: fix DDNS updates when host-name contains trailing NUL
- Apply upstream fix for bug 176615
- fix bug 181482
- fix bug 181908: enable dhclient to operate on IBM zSeries z/OS linux guests:
  o add -I  dhclient command line option
  o add -B "always broadcast" dhclient command line option
  o add 'bootp-broadcast-always;' dhclient.conf statement
- Fix dhclient on s390x platform (#202911)

Autoupdates 지원 : Packages System
  pkgadd -F "dhcp*"

update 패키지

  RPMS :

    . dhcp-3.0.1-59.i686.rpm
    . dhcp-devel-3.0.1-59.i686.rpm
    . dhcp-relay-3.0.1-59.i686.rpm


    . dhcp-3.0.1-59.src.rpm

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