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oracle-jre 보안 업데이트

 : 2018.10.20
     : oracle-jre-0:1.8.0-191.an2
     : AnNyung Packaging Team


    The Java Platform Standard Edition Runtime Environment (JRE) contains
    everything necessary to run applets and applications designed for the
    Java platform. This includes the Java virtual machine, plus the Java
    platform classes and supporting files.
    The JRE is freely redistributable, per the terms of the included license.


    - update
      . JDK-8152974 client-libs AWT hang occurrs when sequenced events arrive out of sequence
      . JDK-8208353 client-libs Upgrade JDK to libpng 1.6.35
      . JDK-8168628 core-libs (fc) SIGBUS when extending file size to map it
      . JDK-8171452 core-libs (ch) linux io_util_md: Operation not supported exception after 8168628
      . JDK-8211107 core-libs LDAPS communication failure with jdk 1.8.0_181
      . JDK-8164480 hotspot Crash with assert(handler_address == SharedRuntime::compute_compiled_exc_handler(..) failed: Must be the same
      . JDK-8146115 hotspot Improve docker container detection and resource configuration usage
      . JDK-8206875 install [L10N]Truncation issue happens on the final dialog for pt on Mac
      . JDK-8199527 javafx Upgrade GStreamer to 1.14
      . JDK-8209049 javafx Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.20.4 changes
      . JDK-8208622 javafx [WebView] IllegalStateException when invoking print API with html form controls
      . JDK-8204856 javafx WebEngine document becomes null after PAGE_REPLACED event
      . JDK-8208114 javafx Drag and drop of text contents and URL links functionalities are broken in Webview
      . JDK-8203698 javafx JavaFX WebView crashes when visiting certain web sites
      . JDK-8199474 javafx Update to 606.1 version of WebKit
      . JDK-8200629 javafx Update SQLite to version 3.23.0
      . JDK-8197987 javafx Update libxslt to version 1.1.32
      . JDK-8142927 other-libs Feed some text to STDIN in ProcessTools.executeProcess()
      . JDK-8180289 security-libs jarsigner treats timestamped signed jar invalid after the signer cert expires
      . JDK-8130132 security-libs jarsigner should emit warning if weak algorithms or keysizes are used
      . JDK-8191031 security-libs Remove several Symantec Root CAs
      . JDK-8191844 security-libs Remove SECOM root (secomevrootca1)
      . JDK-8189949 security-libs Remove Baltimore Cybertrust Code Signing CA
      . JDK-8074462 security-libs Handshake messages can be strictly ordered
      . JDK-8172529 security-libs Use PKIXValidator in jarsigner
      . JDK-8197518 security-libs Kerberos krb5 authentication: AuthList's put method leads to performance issue
    - security issues
      . CVE-2018-3183  JRockit        Remote 9.0
      . CVE-2018-3209  JavaFX         Remote 8.3
      . CVE-2018-3169  Hotspot        Remote 8.3
      . CVE-2018-3149  JNDI           Remote 8.3
      . CVE-2018-3211  Serviceability No     6.6
      . CVE-2018-3180  JSSE           Remote 5.6
      . CVE-2018-3214  Sound          Remote 5.3
      . CVE-2018-13785 Deployment (libpng) Remote 3.7
      . CVE-2018-3136  Security       Remote 3.4
      . CVE-2018-3139  Networking     Remote 3.1


    JRE 1.8.0-211 부터는 개인 적인 용도나 개발 용도가 아닐 경우에는
    Oracle JDK Subscription 이 필요 합니다.
    사용함에 주의를 기하십시오!

        . oracle-jre-1.8.0-191.an2.src.rpm

        . oracle-jre-1.8.0-191.an2.x86_64.rpm

        . oracle-jre-1.8.0-191.an2.i686.rpm


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